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Lipomassage by Endermologie with Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer to the most famous celebrities.


At long last, an easy way to eliminate cellulite while you lose weight and tighten your skin!!


Imagine losing pounds and inches while eliminating cellulite and weight and not having to do any extra work!  Or are you having trouble losing that last 5lbs?  We Can Help!!  Finally get rid of those love handles without any hard work!! No fad diets and no crazy exercise programs!! 


Step 1 is an Endermologie®/Lipomassage® treatment.  Endermologie® is the science of cellular stimulation developed by LPG in France, and backed by over 85 scientific studies, so you can be sure that this machine and the technology behind it work very well. This medical breakthrough was possible with a patented mechanism with unique rollers and a special vacuum to massage the cellulite prone areas. This fifty minute soothing massage is non-surgical, non-invasive.  It’s a painless procedure that improves skin circulation, contours the body, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.  The process stimulates a part of the cell called the fibroblast.  The job of the fibroblast is to make collagen and elastin.  These two cell types are connective tissue, so we are increasing your skin’s collagen.  This will help eliminate that dimpling or “cottage cheese” appearance that cellulite causes.  Plus with the Lipomassage® technique we can spot reduce and recontour your body to give you the body you’ve always wanted, or just improve on what you have! 


Lipomassage® addresses the trapped fat.  This is the fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.  No amount of dieting or exercise will get to and eliminate that fat as we have all experienced.  The stimulation by the machine boosts the metabolism of the fat cells, and activates lipolysis, which is the breakdown and release of stored fat.  This will also release toxins because the body will store toxins in fat!  We can release that resistant, stored fat so you can lose weight and detoxify your body!  In fact, Endermologie® is so effective it is used pre and post liposuction.  This procedure will help the lipo go smoother for the surgeon and for you!!  And after lipo, Endermologie® will reduce and eliminate any lumpiness that often occurs. 


This machine works so well that Gunnar Peterson, “Trainer to the Stars” uses it on his clients!  His clients include J – Lo, Sylvester Stallone, Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie just to name a few.   He states, “Lipomassage® is something that is going to accelerate your transformation” and “You see results in a relatively short time.”  He continues,  “ Results that come quickly and results that last.”  Our experience has been just that!  Most all our patients see results after just a few treatments, and their results are long lasting!! 


Step 2 is a session in our Infrared Sauna!  This is a specific kind of sauna that will burn up to 900 calories in only a half hours time.  It’s about the equivalent of running 2 miles.  The sauna is also good for enhancing detox as well.  As we stated, toxins will store in fat, so the sauna will “liquefy” the fat so it can be released along with all the toxins.  This action will also help eliminate cellulite!  So the sauna will help you to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, detoxify, decrease and eliminate pain, improve cardiovascular function and decrease blood pressure and stress.  In fact the sauna works so well, it was endorsed by Dr. Oz of Oprah fame. 


We have an unbeatable combination to get the results you want and deserve!  Imagine how good you’ll look wearing all the things you want to but don’t, and how good you’ll feel when you hit the beach or pool and all the eyes are on you!!  That’s the feeling we can help you achieve by helping to give you the body you want and desire!!


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